Tunch is Going Under Metamorphosis with 3EA to Revamp Tunch Poha in New Avatar

Indian Poha industry has shown tremendous growth in the recent decades. If we talk about the last two decades, then it has shown a 21% growth, whereas in the last decade, it has shown a growth of more than 25%. This healthy food from India has gained tremendous popularity across the nation. Top 5 cities where its demand is the highest are Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Indore and Pune. In order to meet this ever growing demand of Poha, an Indian FMCG brand from Kota, named as 24 Carat Tunch Poha, under the umbrella of Allied Industries, entered the Indian FMCG market in 1977 as a manufacturer of export quality rice flakes in India. Founding members Mr. Nishant Jain and Mrs. Renu Jain believed that only the best quality poha can add a ‘Tunch‘ to the eating habits of consumers who are now relying only on fried, unhealthy and junk foods.

Founders of Tunch Poha, Mrs. Renu Jain and Mr. Nishant Jain

Mr. Nishant Jain mentioned, “We have been serving people with our poha for the last 45 years but now there is time to elevate and redefine poha. By now, Poha has been perceived as just break fast stuff but gradually Poha is gaining acceptance and popularity as an all time snack. We, being the leader of Poha Industry and one of the oldest players of the domestic and local market, want to expand and grow further. I personally love poha and want to let people know that Poha is powerful and the best food for a light and healthy diet.”

“I, being a vegetarian mother, have always been conscious of offering snacks and the right food to my daughters. I believe in ‘Sanatan Culture‘ and understand that our food is the food for thought. What we eat affects our thoughts, our thoughts affect our choices and choices determine our actions that are karmas. Poha has always been the most preferred food by me for my daughters and is a very ‘Satvik Ahaar‘. Poha is a safe and powerful, all time food for students, travelers and everyone. We are desperate to market Poha first followed by Tunch as a brand. Our quality has always been admired by customers which has been the biggest motivator for last 45 years,” said Mrs. Renu Jain, Co-founder of Tunch Poha.

3EA has conducted a feasibility study for the business and revealed that adulteration is a widespread practice in Indias FMCG market. Many national-level brands are unable to offer the best quality rice flakes due to the price-sensitive market. The majority of brands are focussing on the masses and have compromised on the ‘purity‘ of their products. This gave a clue to Dr. Vibhor Mishra, Brand Strategist and CEO of 3EA. He mentioned, “There is adulteration in everything today. Honesty is completely diluted. I want to develop 24 Carat Tunch Poha as an honest brand offering the purest possible quality rice flake that can add Tunch to the boring life of Indian consumers and become a powerful food in the Indian fast food segment.”

This brand is an amalgamation of purity, ‘flavour‘ and ‘health‘ for every Indian household to add a real “Tunch” to their lifestyle. Tunch Poha is an FSSAI-certified brand offering a range of pure, Indian and healthy cereals in two variants – Premium & Regular quality. The homegrown poha brand aims at encouraging the youth of this generation to switch towards a super healthy snacking habit and become more health-conscious.

With this vision, 24 Carat Tunch Poha along with 3EA launched its brand digitally on the 15th of August, 2022 which was earlier restricted to just the retail market. Moreover, they also launched their brand’s mascot ‘Mr Tunch‘ who is a perfect man and who will be guiding people about healthy eating habits, relationships, stress-free life, vegetarianism and environment-friendly options.

As per research conducted by 3EA, a leading management consulting firm with a global presence, the Indian market is estimated to grow annually by up to 30% in the coming years. The global edible flakes market size in the year 2019-20 was valued at USD 17.43 billion and is expected to witness significant growth in the years to come. This concluded that the demand for poha aka rice flakes is increasing not only in the domestic market but internationally as well due to its nutritional aspect and taste.

Mr. Nishant Jain, the founder and promoter of 24 Carat Tunch Poha visioned adding Poha into the lifestyle of Indian consumers as a healthy meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, thereby adding a “Tunch” of pure and unadulterated food into every Indian’s kitchen.

Further, the company has planned to diversify its product range by launching ready-to-eat poha products, cereal bars, biscuits etc. and aspires to expand the reach of its products across the globe and thereby becoming the first brand in the poha industry who would be selling raw as well as ready-to-eat poha.

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