This Guru Purnima, the Indian Education Revolution is Born

On the occasion of Guru Purnima Dr. Jawahar Surisetti launches Indian Education Revolution (IER) to revamp the Indian Education System by Indianising it and bringing back the past glory in Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, the 75th year of India. The plan of action is to invigorate the education system in India through a movement called the Indian Education Revolution through scientific, experiential and exploratory learning methods in a simplistic way.

Dr. Jawahar Surisetti

Known worldwide as the Think Professor, Dr. Jawahar laments the fact that wishing the gurus remains the only activity and in response the gurus just take it as a day of respect. If there is any complaint against the current state of education it is reflective of the state of gurus too. He said, “While celebrating the “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” we still blindly follow the education system laid down by the British. He said the Indian Education Revolution will bring back the fun and experiential element in education making schools and colleges enjoyable rather than monotonous. He appreciates the National Education Policy for its progressive nature and says that if implemented to the core it will reap rich dividends for India.”

Explaining his mission, he says, “We teach “Jack and Jill” while both Jack and Jill are non-existent in the Indian ecosystem. We have not made an effort to scientifically create curricula that will navigate the child through the education and make him ready for life. Today what is taught in school and the way it is taught is not useful in life or higher education and what is taught in colleges and universities also fall into the same predicament.

Dr. Jawahar emphasises the need to ramp up the state education systems because they are the ones who affect the maximum number of children. The variability in the quality of the state education system makes it all the more challenging. So if we are able to target and revolutionise the 70% of students in the public education system, we will be able to put India in the top league. Our students have everything and they prove this when they go international.

Dr. Jawahar wishes to create a forward looking system driven by one lakh educators who will propel the Indian Education Revolution to complement and enable the gurus to lead India and create a fantastic generation of future world leaders.

Indian Education Revolution is the brainchild of eminent psychologist Dr. Jawahar Surisetti. Dr. Jawahar Surisetti heads Rungta International as the Executive Director. Rungta International is a known name in education. Dr. Jawahar Surisetti and his company are known for the innovations in social education in India and US. Dr. Jawahar Surisetti and his company has been at the forefront of the international education system for three decades now leading innovations in social education in India and US.

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