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Africa is no stranger to walkabouts and migrations. Every year hordes of animals migrate in search of greener pastures with changing seasons. Few … Business Wire India

Africa is no stranger to walkabouts and migrations. Every year hordes of animals migrate in search of greener pastures with changing seasons. Few among us are unaware or unexcited about the great crossing of the Wildebeest, braving currents and carnivorous jaws of crocs and other predators. The tribes of Africa in its jungles, from the deep rainforests to the expansive grasslands of Savannahs and of course the great Sahara desert – all of them walk as a primary mode of movement, for game, food, water, spiritual communion and trade. So it must stand to reason that Africa, the unparalleled phenomenon is best experienced on foot!
Intrigued by the proposition and want to know how to get one's feet on the ground, walking the ancient trails of the African Jungles? RARE Africa by Moyo brings The Great Walk of Africa, a walking safari unlike any covering the great Kenya Tsavo Basin rich with game. All this done on foot, a walk of 150 km in fifteen days, getting intimate with the primal cradle of humanity and life itself.
Starting at the mighty River Tsavo in Kenya, one will explore the great stretches of Tsavo National Park, Kenya on foot, regular rendezvous with the Big Four marking one's journey frequently. With the cynosure of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro towering over the horizon and the giraffes stretching the long necks in competition to it, the stage is set for a memorable wilderness experience that surpasses anyone's wildest imagination.
The journey starts with a private charter flight picking people up from Nairobi, flying into the Tsavo West National Park with amazing views of Mount Kilimanjaro being the highlight of it. A game drive awaits upon arrival to get people familiar with the wilderness around. The next day marks the beginning of The Great Walk of Africa as one follows the mighty Tsavo River in its path with rich riverine vegetation flanking them, run-ins with the wild all along.
The trek next day is on the trails of Rhodesia Hills, the scene of the famed Battle of Kilimanjaro during WWI. The vegetation and landscape drastically change as does the fauna and megafauna as one enters the semi-arid region of Maji Ya Chumvi.
The man-eaters of Tsavo once ruled these planes with even the march of the mighty British Empire was brought to a halt brutally by two of these man-eaters in 1896. As one walks along the very same tracks, come face to face with the more mellow successors of these violent beasts as the expert guides regale travellers with wild stories of tribes and history.
Waking further along the Tsavo River, the scene changes again with the Tsavo and Athi rivers joining to form the Galana River. A luxury camp is set here for people to enjoy multiple game drives, gourmet dining and unmatched experiences with the wild game of Africa.
The next few days are all about Galana, the river here is wide with palm-fringed banks rich in predatory life, lions, cheetahs and leopards all roaming about in rather large numbers. Explore and unravel the mystery of the maneless lions. RARE Africa by Moyo has been operating in these forests for years amassing a wealth of information and data on movement patterns and seasonal behaviours of prey and predators making it seem rather easy to spot these majestic creatures.
The next two days are all about lions and elephants, the key beasts of Africa as one walks along the Galana River. A special full moon walking safari is organized too in the late evening followed by camping on the Galana River on the penultimate day.
The last day is marked by relaxation and stories exchanged with other travellers. To make it a complete and satisfying holiday too along with an unforgettable adventure, a beach party at Watamu awaits with a gala dinner and revelry into the night.
RARE Africa by Moyo is run by a group of passionate and expert wilderness guides who have a lifetime of experience tracking animals and understanding the forests. Coupled with a penchant for hospitality one's experience with the Great Walk of Africa is bound to be as enjoyable as it is enthralling.
RARE Africa by Moyo was started by Pankaj Shah, the owner of Moyo Holidays with an aim to showcase the richness of Africa, its jungles and life in general to the whole world. Pankaj Shah and Moyo Holidays have been at the forefront of luxury and bespoke travels with soul immersive journeys, be it a wildlife safari or a cultural tour to Argentina or Vietnam or a beach holiday in Zanzibar.
RARE Africa is a heartfelt and emotional endeavour for Pankaj Shah and Team Moyo. The entirety of the last year was lost due to COVID. The many villages and tribes that depend on travel and wildlife safaris for their sustenance took a hit. Team Pankaj extended its philanthropic efforts to sustain them through these difficult times, but now they believe it is time to revive travel and provide the people with gainful employment. The Great Walk of Africa is designed to do precisely this.

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