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TATVA GLOBAL SCHOOL, Hyderabad is a leading school that helps students to outshine in all of – academics, sports, and community services. Apart from imparting quality education and inspiring budding learners to participate in numerous co-curricular activities, this prestigious school of Hyderabad supports in constructing a faithful, honest, responsible character with high ethical values, simultaneously improving socialisation. It is an ideal stop, offering incredible learning affair for inquisitive minds. Unquestionably, TATVA is one of the best schools in Hyderabad. Established by one of the Hyderabad’s leading educators and its -Director, Usha Thanneru, this school has emerged as one of the finest schools in a very short span. She lays a great emphasis on fusing classical and contemporary methods of teaching by including latest technologies with a fundamental focus on bestowing values. She is a very enthusiastic, sincere and committed educationist.
T. Usha, an expert in the area of academics – is also the Principal of this esteemed establishment. She works passionately, round the clock as its chief academician (Director of academics). An ardent sports lover, she recognises sports should be learnt and practiced on par with studies. She wants students to pay heed to their physical health while working on the cognitive development. With her rich experience, she aims to build an equilibrium among the regulations and controls for a more robust school experience. Her goal is to create a learning environment with the help of resources, suitable for learning. With qualified, dedicated educators, and by eliminating any negative influences, she is confident of success on this magnificent 11-acre campus. She is hopeful that the students of Tatva Global School will value diversity and cultivate open-mindedness and respect for life.
Usha Thanneru is thankful to her team of skilled and experienced Teachers, administrative staff who have immense potential and dedication. She is also grateful to her committed and devoted director partners who work tirelessly for the development of students as well as the school as a whole. She wants parents to be a part of the TATVA family to mould the future of the young learners, the subsequent contemporaries of global citizens.
This prestigious academy which is one of the best schools in Kukatpally area, encourages the students to be exceptionally good in the areas of their choice. The wholeheartedly passionate educators are responsible for sowing the seeds of dignity and honesty in every kid. The student-teacher relationship is established as the Teachers spend quality time with students over lunch, carrying out activities and numerous other initiatives. This organisation strives to generate citizens with high moral values. To give rise to global citizens, the think tank of this school emphasises on the three Cs, which are Character, Confidence and Communication. 
An astute Business Strategist, insightful technologist and expert financial strategist – Viswanath Sivaswamy is the visionary in-charge of the concept, structure, strategies and philosophy of education at Tatva. He was instrumental in bring the Founders Team together. He designs / defines the path for the future of Tatva and envisions a community of 100,000 families to be associated with Tatva in the future. As the Director and CEO of this Global School, he is effectively builds the blocks and lays the foundation for the growth of the school. Around 2101, he drifted away from the booming technology industry and started thinking of working in the Education industry. He believes that quality education combined with world class infrastructure can be made affordable to the middle class citizens of this country. According to Mr. Sivaswamy, a child’s initial learning experiences have a great impression on their all-round character of the being. Catch them young to create people with a great character – is how he believes in. It is this faith that inspires him to pave a path of Remarkable Resources for students to learn and shine so they can have a definite influence on society and make effective judgments in life.

The Fantastic Features of TATVA
This school boasts of a humongous campus that envisions a design that eventually is age-appropriate spaces. The campus and the school buildings are well designed keeping in mind the suitability of the students of separate age groups. These features have brought the school admiration and accolades from parents, Teachers and the society at large. Since its inception TATVA GLOBAL SCHOOL has won many prizes for the best CBSE campus award, and is assuredly one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad.
TATVA houses small local libraries inside the classrooms so that students will reach out for books at all times. The unique in-class libraries along with ta large central library with a fabulous collection of books, dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines, educational DVDs, audio media and other study materials for references assist the budding minds to develop an interest to read and learn.
This establishment provides highly equipped, advanced and safe laboratories for practical based learning so that each student inquires and investigates things that are explained within classrooms. A specialist instructor supervises the laboratories and mentors the students so that each one contributes and takes part in active learning. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) laboratories are designed in such a way that it is bound to attract young learners.
The sporting infrastructure includes a huge indoor swimming pool 25 meters long and with 6-lanes is capable of conducting swimming competitions. It accommodates 400 people spectator seating as well. A large Indoor badminton stadium with four world class synthetic courts and 600 viewer seating is a cynosure to the eye for everyone. In addition to these, there are separate courts and fields for outdoor games like football, handball, volleyball, Lawn-tennis, Basketball and Kho-Kho. Physical activities rejuvenate a tired mind and influence a child’s development. TATVA believes that physical activities are as important as studies. The school curriculum incorporates a mandatory 2-periods of physical activities (Ninety minutes) each day for each student. The professional PE Teachers and Coaches are capable of spotting kids with talent and guide them to take up sports as a career.
Shahid Ali Khan is a whole-time director and member of the board at TATVA. He is deeply involved in the design of the school campus. He has contributed to conceiving the outlook around sports and activities. Being associated with the education industry for several years, he loves children frolicking and relishing games and takes responsibility to provide supervised environments for their well-being in a secured setting. He also works for underprivileged pupil and contributes to their education.
Katamreddy Rangadham, another full-time director of TATVA oversees Administration and Operations of the school. He executes a vital role in keeping the organisation at the top most position. Security, Safety, Hygiene, delicious dining and Transport are his core responsibilities. This renowned institute which is definitely one of the best international schools in Hyderabad not only provides education and experiences but also makes it easier as well as possible for its pupils to achieve accomplishment in their occupation. Here, a student’s opinion is appreciated and value is given to his decision. Thus education becomes worthwhile at TATVA GLOBAL SCHOOL. For more information regarding this school visit www.tatvaglobalschool.com
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