Raising the Benchmark of Purity, OZiva Becomes India’s First Certified Clean Nutrition Brand by US Based CLP

OZiva, India’s leading clean, plant-based nutrition brand, has secured the award for ensuring top purity standards across its diverse array of products.Business Wire India
OZiva, India's leading clean, plant-based nutrition brand, has secured the award for ensuring top purity standards across its diverse array of products. The nation’s foremost health and wellness company has been recognized with Purity Award and Pesticide Free certification by the US-based Clean Label Project for maintaining the highest benchmarks in product formulation, product labeling, quality-control, and packaging. The brand has taken it upon themselves to create a more stringent and standardised set of guidelines for the clean nutrition market in India.
As the statutory non-profit body on establishing the highest ethical standards of truth and transparency in consumer products and services, Clean-Label Project verified OZiva’s relentless adherence to raising the bar of ‘Clean’ Nutrition in India. By utilizing actual retail sampling and testing, CLP established evidence-based benchmarks and corroborated OZiva’s product excellence by optimizing data and science as opposed to marketing.
Commenting on the same, Mihir Gadani, Co-founder, OZiva, said,
“We are thrilled and privileged to have gained this remarkable recognition of being the first nutrition brand in India to be certified clean by the US-based Clean Label Project. It instills a great sense of responsibility and focus on our operational philosophy and further multiplies our dedication towards creating best-in-class 100% pure, contaminant-free and clean-label plant based products that can assist people in living a healthier, fitter, and better life.”
Also commenting on event of the recognition award, Executive Director of CLP, Jaclyn Bowen, said,
“Our mission has been to bring transparency and truth to product labeling. Our detailed analysis and research is based on data and science that empowers consumers to make the right food and product choices. OZiva has received Clean Label Project Purity Award and Pesticide Free Certification after being tested for over 300 industrial and environmental contaminants including heavy metals, pesticide residues, mycotoxins, residual solvents, and plasticizers. It is the first nutrition brand from India to be certified by Clean Label Project and we are glad to be expanding clean label certification in the nutrition category to India through them.”
The foundation of Clean Label Project is rooted on bringing truth and transparency to consumer product labeling by leveraging data and science. According to Jackie, only about 100 brands out of more than 10,000 that they have tested so far, have passed the criteria for Clean Label Project Purity Award.
Watch the full interview of Jaclyn Bowen, Executive Director of CLP with Mihir Gadani, co-founder OZiva here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7yAbFlP07U
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