MergeXR, UK based Film Studio and Services Company Launches MergeXR Rental in Partnership with Taher Cine Tekniq India

MergeXR has partnered with Taher Cine Tekniq, which is the leading Indian company in the Filmmaking Rental space, bringing over 20 years of rental experience across the international market and is the largest company in India within this sector.

MergeXR – Taher Cine Tekniq

With this exciting new partnership, MergeXR will launch with one of the largest ranges of camera, lenses and lighting in the UK, including the new ARRI Alexa35.

Syed Taher Ali, Co-founder Taher Cine Tekniq shares, “We are very excited about this partnership and are eager to work with our new UK partner. We believe with our collective experience in the rental domain we will be able to service our clients even better as this expansion not only marks a geographical expansion but also strengthens our collective offerings.”

Prajay Kamat of MergeXR adds, “The new company will focus on the UK and Ireland initially, after which we will expand to 4 other global locations. The partnership and the expansion of the studio network is in line with our overall vision of servicing clients globally.”

According to MergeXR, this is one of the many partnerships that are to come as they plan to expand their network across different countries.

MergeXR is a part of Studio 10, one of the UK’s largest virtual productions. studios, combining both green screen and LED volume. Alongside the studio they provide a comprehensive equipment rental offering, providing 24/7 service 365 days a year.

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