Looking Young, Fit and Healthy Is No Longer a Distant Dream With the Ultimate Immunity Club – STAMIN

STAMIN – The Ultimate Immunity Club is for all those men and women who are looking for a real COVID FREE gym, want to maintain social distance, wish to have a mentor virtually (Avoid physical contact) and most importantly avoid wait time at a Gym. Business Wire India

STAMIN – The Ultimate Immunity Club is for all those men and women who are looking for a real COVID FREE gym, want to maintain social distance, wish to have a mentor virtually (Avoid physical contact) and most importantly avoid wait time at a Gym.

STAMIN – Ultimate immunity club is a one hub solution for all the problems anyone would face at conventional GYMs in meeting one’s fitness goals!!

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"The Stamin" – Ultimate immunity club first of its kind in Porur, Chennai helps its PODLERS (members of STAMIN) through active and passive workouts which one would never have at any GYM or Fitness Club. It is very much unlike any other conventional fitness clubs, Slimming, weight loss centers and Gyms because it provides;

  1. Personalized Training for everyone through International Coaches and trainers with No special Subscription.
  2. Pocket friendly-Just pay for the goals
  3. Own an individual hygiene pod and maintain social distancing
  4. Classes at own convenience
  5. Variety of workouts – Cardio, Strengthening, HIT, TABATA, ZUMBA, Aerial Yoga and much more

STAMIN is definitely a concept which answers all the "Have you ever?" in the fitness industry.

Here is the sneak peek

Walk into the red carpet of a fully automated Smart Gym
The digital era had made it possible paving its way to an enthralling fitness concept where the podlers can book their sessions online and redeem it whenever they want. Let it be the sweaty cardio or an adrenaline rushing HIT they have it all at just a few taps on their phone.
“Funtastic” workout with a smart mirror
Stamin comes with a life size intelligent mirror which not only reflects the person working out but coaches as well by taking digital dreams to the next level by connecting the podler with their favorite international Trainer. Each and every muscle area can be targeted on this personal pod. A whole new level of private Gym awaits with an array of potential training facilities with 100% privacy.

Fitness club with NO membership
The big old chains of membership are broken here. The general fitness crowd ends up paying a huge amount and then never visit gyms draining all the yearly budget allocated for fitness. Here comes the savior, the members get to pay for what they use. It is a gym plan first of its kind where it does not burn the wallets.

Personal training at zero cost
Everyone needs a little push and someone to show the starting point. Hiring a personal fitness trainer in today’s scenario might seem like a luxury especially in times of a tight budget, then Stamin is a must visit hub to get the most out of workouts, because personal training is absolutely free of cost within the hours in the club.

Goal based fitness journey at your specified timeline
Assured weight loss/goals are promised on believing their process. Their process is not always hard rather STAMIN is made much easier with their therapeutically designed procedures using modern medical weight loss equipment combined with active gym workouts. 

STAMIN’s scientifically designed programs includes expelling water, speeding up metabolism using modern medical equipment & simulators and age old ayurvedic techniques. The client’s health goals are looked at from a realistic point of view and the team works towards helping them achieve their desired body weight. The procedures help people who are overweight and obese, also helps to deal with stubborn fat that poses as a real struggle to get rid off. They offer quick, safe and reliable methods to get back to shape quickly.  

STAMIN program Includes:

Fat Burner– Using Fat oxidization concepts fat is burned aided by Thermal beds. It is a proven slimming & weight loss method
Body Detox– Age old technique concepts involving Ayurvedic oil used for Slimming purposes to drain fat through lymphatic points
Muscle toner– Non Invasive procedures which beautifully tone the body with professional Massage strokes and minimalistic machines to get the desired shape in a particular area
Advanced Therapy– Ultrasound and Radio Frequency used to tighten and contour the body and gives instant inch loss in parallel giving a detox effect

Privacy amidst COVID
Going to the gym can be an intimidating affair, especially for a shy person or a newbie, and also sometimes sense of low self-dignity on seeing muscled men huffing and lifting heavy weights besides. Many would self-confess that the crowd makes them feel self-conscious and now in this current situation of COVID it’s more of fear. Now in Namma Chennai there is this brand which addresses all concerns of Privacy, payment and prime goals of weight loss and gain.

STAMIN the ultimate fitness health club was founded by Mr. Selvakumar Pitchiah (SP) a young dynamic IT professional, Innovator, Brand Creator and fitness freak. SP like others felt the need to change the way how traditional modern gyms operate. He felt that there should be a gym which would cater to one's body and wallet needs. At the same time he didn't want to compromise on the quality while building a sophisticated modern Gym. Considering the safety of each individual in a crowded gym he launched an out of box gym club concept where a maximum of only 12 people can workout in a single session. Using his extensive IT knowledge he developed a website where members can book a session at their own time preference. He wanted to make it sassier so introduced the workout mirror to make workouts more fun.

Selvakumar Pitchiah believes in his phenomenal philosophy that drove him to create an individual space and freedom of workouts for all. SP insists "STAMIN is a room for everyone, regardless of shape, size, age, race, and gender or fitness level. No matter your Fitness plan of choice, be it passive or active we want you to feel good while reaching your goals. While STAMIN believes in the power of fitness to improve lives, STAMIN also knows exercise is hard work and everyone can use a little more fun and leniency with passive methodologies. So STAMIN has fused active fitness through workouts and passive therapies thereby reducing the size of efforts to buy yourself a new healthy YOU."

Necessity is the mother of invention, so did SP use his domain knowledge and paired it with the difficulties of going to a regular gym into a fantasy fitness club satisfying all odds.

To know more about STAMIN and its programs you can log on to www.stamin.in or call at 7667001111. This elite pocket friendly futuristic club is located at  No.48, Mount Poonamalle Trunk Road, Porur, Chennai- 600116.

Investors & Franchise Partners are welcome to call at 9080303472. This dream turned reality STAMIN is committed to create its landmark across PAN India.This feed is automatically published via businesswireindia.com