Elpro International School Explores the Borderless World of Opportunities with Pangea – The Global Village

Innovation and education go hand in hand at Elpro International School, Pune. Inspired by the concept of the single supercontinent Pangea, from which all continents have emerged, EIS is thrilled to launch this unique online conference ‘Pangea‘, which aims to further international collaboration and camaraderie amongst learners and educators across the globe. At a time when the world has faced months of lockdown at length, EIS in collaboration with SkillSphere Education and Wapping High School, UK, has strived to bring students from different countries together on a single platform for ideation, collaboration and enlightenment.

Pangea Curtain raiser session in progress

Pangea, as a global village, is designed to be a true melting pot of cultures, which will be driven by the theme of ‘Compassion and Collaboration‘. The two-day conference scheduled for the 29th and the 30th of January, 2021 shall witness the participation of student contingents belonging to 12 schools from different parts of Asia, Europe and South America. It will serve as an excellent platform for sharing and learning each other’s cultures through panel discussions, group discussions, case studies, story writing, art exhibition, singing and world quiz. The conference further seeks to highlight global affairs that involve pandemics, economic downturns and political hostilities.

Lord David Evans – Chief Guest at the Event

EIS has had the Curtain Raiser for Pangea on the 16th of January, 2021 with the support of wonderful dignitaries from the educational world. The representatives from EIS; Wapping High School, UK; Abu Dhabi Indian School; GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai; Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir and Institute of Education Diversity and Accomplishments, Brazil, Kunskappskolan, Sweden (the participating schools) graced the Curtain Raiser event for Pangea. It witnessed Lord David Evans, a British publisher, entrepreneur and philanthropist as the Chief Guest of the event. Apart from being an advisor to EIS, he is a member of the House of Lords as well as an internationally acclaimed businessman with more than 50 years of experience in the print and media industries.

Lord David Evans shared his profound insights on a range of topics like innovative changes over the years, vaccination, pandemic, climate control, the Brexit deal, online education, artificial intelligence and the rise of the new world which is on the way. He appreciated the concept of Pangea and called it “an excellent name for a global village“. He perceives the event as a great opportunity to develop relations between different schools and communities so as to enable a broader view of the world amongst the students today. Lord David took the occasion to declare the event Pangea – The Global Village open.

Director-Principal of the host school EIS, Dr. Amrita Vohra also shared her excitement with the audience to be a part of the initiative of Pangea. She added that, “Pangea is a platform that looks forward to the event which will allow students and educators across political and geographical boundaries to experience collaboration with a feeling of compassion for each other.” She added, “Pangea brings with it an opportunity to open a dialogue for conversations that matter, to connect and to approach current affairs with positive attitude and growth mindset.”

Mr. Gary Nelson, the Head Teacher from Wapping High School strongly appreciated Lord David’s support to the conference. Emphasizing his passion for connection, Mr. Nelson added, “I don’t want to talk about the ‘I‘ anymore in terms of the UK, I want ‘We‘ and I want that international ‘we‘ across the whole planet and this is the start of all things really exciting.”

Says Anansh Prasad, Founder and MD – SkillSphere Education, “Pangea is a concept that we are extremely excited about. Not only does it maximize on the prospects provided by the growth of online education globally, but also ensures that students build on concepts like compassion, collaboration and togetherness through engaging activities and talks. It offers with an opportunity to create a global ecosystems of school leaders, educators and students ably guided by the views of world leaders like Baron Evans of Watford, Ms. Patricia Scott of the Commonwealth among many others. We couldnt be more delighted to be co-organizing the conference.”

In a dystopian world of pandemic, lockdown and economic breakdown, Pangea- A Global Village sums up the feeling of interconnectedness that the world thrives upon.

For further information, please log on to www.elproschools.edu.in.

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