Concordia Ventures: Early Stage Tech Startups Find a Funding Solution With Crypto Investors

Crypto has been making waves over the past week, with Bitcoin setting a new record after Tesla announced they …Business Wire India

Crypto has been making waves over the past week, with Bitcoin setting a new record after Tesla announced they had purchased $1.5B worth of BTC. As a much more affordable alternative to venture capital funding, crowdfunding has evolved steadily over the past few years. With the integration of blockchain, crowdfunding could certainly be pushed to greater heights.


Concordia enhances the odds of a successful crowdfunding campaign for project owners with the help of cryptocurrency. The in-app digital wallet feature allows users to support campaigns in the platform directly with the virtual assets stored and managed in each user’s account.


On the other hand, project owners can look forward to onboarding a new base with customers who happen to be crypto enthusiasts.


Blockchain technology is gaining momentum, providing fresh and exciting new possibilities for people all over the world. It can be applied to multitudes of industries and verticals, and is versatile in use. One of the sectors that could benefit the most from blockchain technology is crowdfunding.


Concordia Ventures announced their plans to make their platform available in the United States, spearheaded by the leading expert in crowdfunding as the CEO, Patrick Calderon. Patrick has been running campaigns since 2010, launching thousands of successful brands on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


“Jobs act has opened the door for more than 6000 companies that have successfully raised funds via equity crowdfunding. More than 60 million businesses in the United States that might not be good candidates for reward-based crowdfunding campaigns can now find a real solution to their funding needs using Concordia Ventures” – Patrick Calderon, CEO of Concordia Ventures.


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About Us
Concordia Ventures is a crowdfunding platform which focuses on the digital asset and cryptocurrencies space. We allow backers to back subsidize their favorite projects using cryptocurrencies. Concordia Ventures creates an additional funding source that project owners can use to tap into the fast growing cryptocurrency market. Concordia Ventures is produced and owned by The Novum Group. The Novum Group comprises a group of companies which specializes in digital asset space.



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