Be Well Hospitals, Chennai Announces New Initiatives on its 11th Anniversary and their Plans for 15 More Hospitals by 2025

Be Well Hospitals, founded by Dr. C.J. Vetrievel in 2011 is known as a chain of ‘Small Giant‘ Multispecialty hospitals that has created access to quality healthcare by locating in peri-urban areas. It offers Emergency care, Multispecialty Care and Preventive Care at affordable rates in the Secondary Care Hospital Segment across Tamil Nadu. On the occasion of their 11th Anniversary, Be Well announced its Senior Citizens initiative viz. POP (Parents on Priority) across its chain of Hospitals in Chennai.

Dr. C.J. Vetrievel, Founder-Chairman & Managing Director, Be Well Hospitals

POP (Parents our Priority Program)

This program is envisaged to address Senior Citizens aged over 60, including many of those who do not have their children or close relatives living with them. This Be Well initiative aims to provide extra care for Senior Citizens and enable them age gracefully, maintain their independence and lead healthy and stress-free lives. The POP program has tailormade annual Health Membership Senior Citizen Cards. These cards come with a host of benefits for Senior Citizens like Master Health Check-up, monthly visits by Medical Officer & Nurse, Specialty Consultations, 24 hours Emergency Help, MSW Counselling, pick up and drop facility, home collection and delivery of medicines at discounted rates, Ambulance on request services, etc. The scheme also envisages emailing monthly report on wellbeing of Senior Citizen to their Sponsors at their request.

Be Well expands its footprints

Be Well Hospitals (current center details at recently also announced its further expansion in Tamil Nadu and entry into Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The higher secondary health care service provider plans to add 15 more hospitals by 2025 and become a chain of 25 hospitals.

According to the Hospital sources, “60% of Hospitalizations falls under Secondary care, but get treated at Tertiary care centers. This clearly spells out the need in our country for higher secondary care hospitals which would create access and deliver quality health care at affordable cost. Be Well is the first to spot this need and have clearly positioned itself by pioneering the concept of peri-urban higher secondary care hospital (24 hours, 50 to 75 Bed hospital). The chain currently has 10 hospitals across Tamil Nadu. Over the ten years Be Well has treated more than 5 lakh inpatients, performed more than 30,000 major surgeries, done over 10,000 Health Checkups and has a strong network of 700 Be Wellians on service.

Be Well is on a winning path by establishing a distributed Healthcare model connected by Digital platform. The Asset light and low Capex model allows it to expand fast to create a larger network and thereby creating larger value proposition as it grows. The chain is set to expand by adding 15 more hospitals by 2025 in Tamil Nadu and South India.”

Role of Private Hospitals in providing access to affordable & quality health care.

“The private sector has a vital role to play in bridging the demand for quality healthcare. More than 46% of patients travel across 100 km to seek medical care since 80% of doctors and 60% of hospitals are in large urban cities. Though private sector is the leading healthcare provider, the major players exist only at the tertiary level in major cities. There is a clear need for a trusted brand offering higher secondary care which people could use as a first port of call rather than walking into tertiary care hospitals for Primary and Secondary ailments.”This innovative model has been evolved with people in mind,” adds Dr. C.J. Vetrievel, Founder-Chairman & Managing Director, Be Well Hospitals.

Commenting further, Dr. C.J. Vetrievel said, “By effective modeling and efficiency in operations we have made healthcare affordable. A similar procedure done at Be Well costs 1/3rd compared to a tertiary care hospital with no compromise in Quality. With the expertise gained over the years, with strong foundation, Be Well is well positioned to expand and establish 15 more hospitals in key locations across South India by 2025.”

The Be Well Hospital group has also implemented Digital initiatives aimed at improving patient care, centralized administrative functions, disease management and emphasis on NABH accreditation.

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